About IFEH

The Federation works to disseminate knowledge concerning environmental health and promote co-operation between countries where environmental health issues are transboundary. It promotes the interchange of people working in this sector and the exchange of Member’s publications of a scientific and technical nature.


Amongst other things, the Federation seeks to provide means of exchanging information and experience on environmental health, to hold Congresses and meetings to discuss subjects relevant to environmental health science and administration, to represent the interests of environmental health to state agencies, national governments and international organisations and to promote field studies of environmental health control.


Contact Details :-
Roderick House
The Honorary Secretary
17 Kirkburn Ave, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8NT, Scotland
Phone: +44 141 583 1566
Mobile: +44 7757 496940
Email: secretary@ifeh.org
Website: www.ifeh.org/